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Moving Forward Together Thanks to the many amazing speakers and attendeees!

ERA Ingenuity at Work Conference 2017

ERA Ingenuity at Work

The 2017 ERA Ingenuity at Work conference took place in Philadelphia with the aim of bringing together environmental and sustainability thought leaders from industry and government to develop EHS best practices.

This collaborative environmental conference brought together EHS expert speakers, including John Bradburn (General Motors), Caitlin Briere (EPA), Tom Murray (former EPA Senior Scientist), Nora Lopez (former TRI Coordinator for EPA), and Allyson Genovese (GRI) to educate on risk aversion, sustainability reporting, hazardous waste management and reduction, and many more EHS topics.

Over 3 days, including industry breakout group workshops, attendees focused on reducing workplace risks, implementing continual improvement processes to become more sustainable, and managing air, water & waste generation.

Conference highlights this year included:


  • Trends in GRI Reporting and Sustainability
  • The Impact of Supply Chain and Material Data Management for GRI
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Compliance
  • EHS Key Performance Indicators on Demand
  • Innovation in Environmental Waste Management
  • Auditing for ISO 14001
  • Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Reporting Workshops